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Black-footed Blitz Coming!

We’re nearly into the smallest month in the year. What better time to focus on one of the smallest felids in the world?

For the entire month of February, we will be posting a new Black-footed Cat photo every day. These will not be your usual BFC pics – these have all been sent to us by the researchers from the Black-footed Cat Working Group, and will all be wild cats.

In 1993, zoologist Dr. Alex Sliwa fitted the first radio collar on a Black-footed Cat in South Africa. Everything known today about the home range, behaviour and food spectrum of these tiny cats has been discovered by the Black-foot Cat Working Group, and the study is still ongoing.

ISEC Canada has been supporting this project since it’s inception, and yes we are always looking for funds. If you enjoy the February photos, why not give us a hand? There will be a donation link at the bottom of each post, and even small 🙂 amounts can add up to the cost of a tiny radio collar!

Black-footed Cat range map courtesy IUCN Red Data List

To learn more about the smallest wild cat species in Africa, check out the fact sheet on our website:

Black-footed Cat Felis nigripes

  • HB Length:36-52 cm (14-20″)
  • Tail Length: 12-20 cm (4.7-8″)
  • Height: Appr. 20 cm (8″)
  • Weight: 1-2.5 kb) (2.2-5.5 lbs)
  • Range: South Africa, Botswana, Namibia
Tweet the news, like the photos, spread the word on G+ and tell your friends so they can stumble across them. Help us spread the word on these feisty little wild felines!

2 responses to “Black-footed Blitz Coming!

  1. mimi January 31, 2012 at 11:11 am

    My next painting will be a black footed cat to share your focus. I got permission from Alexander Sliwa to use one of his reference photos for my painting as well.

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