International Society For Endangered Cats

A Voice For The Wild Cats of the World

About The Cats

There are 36 species of wild cat in the world today. Most people are aware of the big five – tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar and cheetah. Many are familiar with the medium felines – snow leopard and cougar, or mountain lion.

Our job is to make the world aware of the the remaining 30 small wild cat species, from the world’s smallest wild cat – a tiny 2 pound beauty – to the 50 lb Clouded Leopard.

Here’s a complete list of all wild cat species. To learn more about these little felines, please visit our website at

  1. African golden cat
  2. Andean cat
  3. Asian golden cat
  4. Black-footed cat
  5. Bay cat
  6. Bobcat
  7. Canada lynx
  8. Caracal
  9. Cheetah
  10. Chinese mountain cat
  11. Clouded leopard
  12. Cougar
  13. Eurasian lynx
  14. Fishing cat
  15. Flat-headed cat
  16. Geoffroy’s cat
  17. Iberian lynx
  18. Jaguar
  19. Jaguarundi
  20. Jungle cat
  21. Kodkod
  22. Leopard
  23. Leopard cat
  24. Lion
  25. Marbled cat
  26. Margay
  27. Ocelot
  28. Oncilla
  29. Pallas’ cat
  30. Pampas cat
  31. Rusty-spotted cat
  32. Sand cat
  33. Serval
  34. Snow leopard
  35. Tiger
  36. Wildcat




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