International Society For Endangered Cats

A Voice For The Wild Cats of the World

Asian Small Wild Cats

The fourteen small wild cats species of Asia and Europe, arranged by size:

Pallas Cat by P Cromer

Rusty-spotted Cat Prionailurus rubiginosus 1-2 kg

Flat-headed Cat Prionailurus planiceps approx. 2 kg

Marbled Cat Pardofelis marmorata 2-5 kg

Leopard Cat Prionailurus bengalensis 2-8 kg

Borneo Bay Cat Catopuma badia 3-4 kg

Pallas’s Cat Otocolobus manul 3-5 kg

Wildcat Felis silvestris 3-8 kg (European and Asian subspecies)

Jungle Cat Felis chaus 5-9 kg

Chinese Mountain Cat Felis bieti 5.5-9 kg

Fishing Cat Prionailurus viverrinus 7-16 kg

Iberian Lynx Lynx pardinus 8-16 kg (exists only in Spain)

Asiatic Golden Cat Pardofelis temminckii 9-16 kg

Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa 16-23 kg

Eurasian LynxLynx lynx 17-25 kg

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