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I am the Cat, w…

I am the Cat, which fought hard by the Acacia Tree in Heliopolis on the night when the forces of the Setting Sun were destroyed.

Who is this Cat?

This male Cat is the Sun-god Ra himself and he was called Mau because of the speech of the God Sa concerning him: He is like unto that which he hath made, therefore did the name Ra become Mau. Others, however, say that the male cat is Shu, the God of the Air, who made over the possessions of the Earth-god Gel to Osiris.

As concerning the fight which took place near the Acacia Tree in Heliopolis these words refer to the slaughter of the children of rebellion, when righteous retribution was meted out to them for the evil they had done. As concerning the night of the battle these words refer to the invasion of the eastern portion of the heavens by the children of rebellion, where upon a great battle arose in heaven and in all the earth.

From THE BOOK OF THE DEAD (written prior to 3000 BC

Quote found on Page 89 of The Mammoth Book of Cats


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  1. Steve Morvell February 4, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Really???…..found this to be completely uninteresting. Would rather hear stuff about the cats than the fantasies of humans. regards Steve

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