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Caracal Ears

Shy Caracal
One of the distinguishing features of the caracal are the ear tufts at the tips of its ears. Like the serval, it is known to grab birds mid-flight. However, it lacks the long legs for reaching down holes after its prey.
Curious Caracal
The caracal at the Cincinnati Zoo has ear tufts that are unusual in that they drop, making her quite unique.

[Note: The ISEC office has received an email from a zoo keeper who used to work with this cat when she was a kitten. Apparently she was born with her tufts in this position, but is perfectly healthy otherwise. And just absolutely adorable!]


2 responses to “Caracal Ears

  1. mimi March 16, 2012 at 8:56 am

    I saw that and wondered if the cat was ok. She certainly looks healthy in the photos.

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