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ISEC Flickr Group

There are many great photographs of wild cats being taken by readers of this blog. We thought it would be great if to share these photographs. In order to help do this, the ISEC Flickr Group has been created.

The focus of the group is small wild cats. Obviously, domestic cats are excluded, as are big cats (tigers, lions, jaguars, and leopards). For a good list, see “Meet the Small Cats” at the main ISEC page. Otherwise, the pictures can be cats in the wild! Cats in zoos! Sleeping cats! Active cats!

You don’t have to join the group to look at the pictures. However, to add photos, you need to click “join” on the group page. To add a photo, click “actions” on the page of the photo you want to add (circled in red, below), then click on “Add to / remove from group” (circled in green).
Add to Group 1
This will bring up the group’s dialog (below). Find the “International Society for Endangered Cats” group, click on it (to highlight it), then click “Done.”
Add to Group 2
It is hoped that this will help share the beauty of these wonderful creatures.


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