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Black-footed Stalking

"Male Spook stalks pressed low to the ground across the rock strewn flats." A. Sliwa

As special adaptations to their arid desert habitat, dotted with grasses and dwarf shrubs, Black-footed Cats have hair on the black soles of their feet to protect them from hot sands. Their coat pattern helps them blend into background. Their small body size is perfect for hunting low down in short vegetation. They often flatten their low set ears completely, in order to hide even lower in areas with little or no cover.

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One response to “Black-footed Stalking

  1. mov to avi April 18, 2012 at 7:26 am

    Hello! I completely fall in love with these wild cats, they are so funny and sweet. It is hard to believe that these small creatures are predators and hunt to feed themselves. I would like to take one of these cats home but I am afraid they can survive only in the wild.

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