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Pallas Cats

Climbing Pallas Cat
I sometimes think of cats in pairs, where they inhabit the same territory and have similar adaptations. In my head, the snow leopard’s pairing is the pallas cat. They both inhabit the mountainous terrain in Central Asia, with big feet to maneuver over the rocks. Pallas cats are smaller–roughly the same weight as a house cat, but stockier, and more fluffier than most.

Pallas Cat Gazes Into the Distance

Last June, the Cincinnati Zoo had the first pallas kittens born via artificial insemination. The technique developed will increase the success of using frozen samples. This, in turn, will help ensure diversity within the species.


2 responses to “Pallas Cats

  1. Mauro March 1, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    I really loved this pictures!
    This is an odd-looking, but beautiful wildcat!

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