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A Valentine’s Day Snuggle

Happy Valentines Day to all our cat loving readers! This adorable photo is courtesy of the Scottish Wildcat Association, and is just too cute not to pass on.

Scottish Wildcat mum and kitten. © Keith Marshall

Although wildcats look similar to domestic cats, these are no feral or farm cats run wild; they’re Britain’s only remaining large wild predator and have walked this land for millions of years before mankind arrived or domestic cats appeared. Every inch a cat in every sense of the word, the Scottish wildcat epitomizes the independent, mysterious and wild spirit of the Highlands like no other creature. SWC website.

“They’ll fight to the death for their freedom; they epitomize what it takes to be truly free I think.”
Mike Tomkies


One response to “A Valentine’s Day Snuggle

  1. mimitabby February 14, 2012 at 11:23 am

    What a great photo!

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