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Member Photos: Asiatic Wildcat

Many of our ISEC Canada members are keen photographers, and include both amateur and professional photogs. We are always happy to showcase wild cat photos on this blog, so if you have any pictures you would like to brag about, please email them to our office at Click on photos to enlarge.

Ben Williams in the United Kingdom has sent us more wild cat photos. This week we’re featuring the Asiatic or Indian Wildcat Felis silvestris ornata, photographed at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent.

Asiatic Wildcats are another sub-species of the wild ranging Wildcat Felis silvestris, the ancestor of our much-loved domestic cat. They are found from the highlands of Central Asia to India. The various Wildcat sub-divisions are based largely on physical appearances and distribution. The group includes 19 different sub-species, including the highly endangered Scottish Wildcat and the wide-roaming European Wildcat. All are threatened by the dilution of the species gene pool through continued interbreeding with feral domestic cats.

Read more about the various Wildcat sub-species on our website


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