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Member Photos: Pallas’ Cat

Many of our ISEC Canada members are keen photographers, and include both amateur and professional photogs. We are always happy to showcase wild cat photos on this blog, so if you have any pictures you would like to brag about, please email them to our office at Click on photos to enlarge.

Ben Williams in the United Kingdom has sent us more wild cat photos. This week we’re featuring the unusual Pallas’ Cat, photographed at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent.

Also known as the Manul, Pallas’ cats are found only in Mongolia, China and the Russian republics of Central Asia. They frequent steep rocky areas, and are rarely found in the open grasslands. Living in one of the most inhospitable areas of the world, little is known of these cats. Classed as Near Threatened, they are in danger from the loss of their prey base, small rodents which have undergone wholesale poisoning by people wanting to graze domestic stock in the cats’ range.

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