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Member Photos: Caracal

Many of our ISEC Canada members are keen photographers, and include both amateur and professional photogs. We are always happy to showcase wild cat photos on this blog, so if you have any pictures you would like to brag about, please email them to our office at Click to enlarge photos.

Ben Williams in the United Kingdom has sent us more wild cat photos. This week we’re featuring the Caracal, photographed at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent. 

Caracals are one of the few wild cat species that are not listed as endangered. There is concern however, at the severe loss of habitat throughout their African range, and their Asian status is critical.

These cats are known for flushing birds from the grass, jumping up and knocking them down with their front paws. They can reach heights of  10 feet doing this. In ancient times, Caracal were tamed and used for hunting birds, much the same way as Cheetahs were trained to hunt gazelles. This unusual cat behaviour is the origin of the phrase ‘to put the cat amongst the pigeons.’

Read more about the Caracal on our website.


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