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Caracal Cub Chirp

Two absolutely gorgeous Caracal cubs born at the Cat Survival Trust in the UK, these medium-sized cats are native to Africa and western Asia. Turn the sound up when watching this footage of these cubs; the occasional chirp they make is simply adorable!


2 responses to “Caracal Cub Chirp

  1. Raul April 20, 2011 at 11:55 am

    In South Africa Caracals are killed by the thousands as they are perceived to
    cause a lot of deaths (and therefore financial damage) to both farm animals,
    and game animals in game farms.
    It is illegal for private people to own them. They can only be killed and
    there are no programs in place to stop this situation.
    In a lesser scale a similar situation is happening to the Black Foot Cat.
    However the breeding of Black Foot Cats is illegal being the reason
    given “Breeding of Black foot Cats in captivity is detrimental to
    their conservation”.
    A “Rehabilitation Centre” is going to “put back into the wild” 2 Black Foot Cats
    brought to them by a farmer (without any keeping permits or transport permits)
    within the course of the next few weeks (The Sandton Chronicle of 15/04 page 15)
    There are no Breeding or Release Projects for these cats in South Africa

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