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News From The Field: Eurasian Lynx Status In Iran

Wild cats can’t be saved without knowing what they need to survive in their natural habitat. What kind of habitat do they use? What are their activity patterns & social organizations? Without data collected by field biologists, conservation programs can’t be put in place. To further our educational efforts, we are posting regular Monday summaries of a paper written by wild cat field biologists, which briefly outlines their findings.

The Eurasian Lynx Lynx lynx is widely distributed in Asia, but is one of the least-known cats. Despite being the largest small cat in Iran, general information about lynx previously consisted of a few historical records and anecdotal observations from various sources. From 2006-2009 we conducted surveys by means of literature reviews, questionnaires and interviews, and examined museum specimens to determine the species distribution in Iran and document major threats to its persistence. We collected 167 new geographic records mainly from the past three decades, here used to describe the actual and probable distribution of the Euarsain Lynx in Iran. We found confirmed and probable presence in 19 our of 30 provinces and possible presence in an additional 6 provinces, mainly in the south and east. Our results indicate a larger distribution of lynx in Iran than previously published. However, we can at present not assess the development and potential fragmentation of the distribution range and therefore advise judging the species conservation status with caution.

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