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News From The Field: Cats Living With Pandas

Wild cats can’t be saved without knowing what they need to survive in their natural habitat. What kind of habitat do they use? What are their activity patterns & social organizations? Without data collected by field biologists, conservation programs can’t be put in place. To further our educational efforts, we are posting regular Monday summaries of a paper written by wild cat field biologists, which briefly outlines their findings.

From 2002-2009, we conducted a camera trapping survey in 11 nature reserves of the five mountain ranges within current giant panda distribution, for a total sampling effort of 19,151 camera-days. Four felid species were recorded: leopard Panthera pardus, snow leopard Panthera uncia, Asian golden cat Catopuma temminckii and leopard cat Prionailurus bengalensis. A well-designed systemic monitoring network using camera-trapping would be the best approach to obtain the critical information needed for setting felid conservation goals in China.

Sheng Li, Dajun Wang, Zhi Lu, William J McShea

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