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Want To See Snow Leopards In The Wild?

From the blog of the Snow Leopard Trust – anyone up for an adventure?

Join The Snow Leopard Trek in Ladakh

Join Mountain Initiatives during March 13-28, 2011 for a rare quest for the snow leopard in the Rumbak Region of Hemis National Park in Ladakh, India. A portion of the trip cost of $3,800 is a contribution to the conservation programs of the Snow Leopard Trust.

In the cold winter months of Ladakh, you will have the unique & rare experience of finding the elusive and endangered snow leopard. With a team of some of the best snow leopard naturalists you will venture into one of the best snow leopard habitats in the Hemis High Altitude National Park.

For a complete itinerary, please contact the Snow Leopard Trust.

While on the trek you will also have the opportunity for homestays and camping in prime habitat. Other wildlife that you will see are the Blue Sheep, Ladakh Urial and the Tibetan Argali. Some of the birds that you may see are Golden Eagle, Lammergeyer, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Himalayan Griffon and Himalayan Snow cock, Tibetan Partridge, Chukar Partridge, White Winged Redstart,  Robin Accentor, White Breasted Dipper, Brown Dipper.


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