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Photo Friday: Big Guys Like Catnip Too

Several years ago, I planted catnip in our backyard cat run. Our cats are not allowed to roam the streets, and they spend a lot of time in the run during the warmer months. I thought I was doing them a favor putting this herb in there, but they spent all of two minutes checking out the new addition. Then they ignored it. I later discovered that another word for catnip is weed, and this invasive plant quickly took over.

As I used to work at the local zoo, I approached a friend there and asked if I could treat their big cats to some catnip. I bagged up two green garbage bags full of the potent herb, and she distributed it to the zoo cats. The results were mixed, but the lions seemed to appreciate it.


The females were the first to investigate the new smell.




Then the male moved them out of the way for his own sniff...




And decided it was a great place for a chin rub!



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