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Wild Cats of Sky Islands

The Sky Island Alliance is an organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of the wildlife and habitat of the Sky Island region.  Formed in 1991 and named after the mountains that span across the surrounding desert like islands in the ocean, the Sky Island Alliance  We covered Sky Island’s involvement with the Ocelot photographed in Cochese County last year.

Next Tuesday (8/17), The Sky Island Alliance is hosting a public presentation covering the four species of wild cats that live in the area (the Bobcat, the Ocelot, the Puma and the Jaguar).  Wild Cats of Sky Island is free and it will be held at the Pima County Medical Society Auditorium.   It is sponsored by Southern Arizona Hiking Club.

This should be an informative presentation and it is highly recommended that anyone in the area attend.  For those of you who do attend, please let us know what you learn!


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