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The Clouded Leopard Challenge

Clouded Leopards are challenging to care for and even more difficult to breed which makes conservation a laborious undertaking.
Clouded Leopards are sensitive, become stressed easily and their behaviors and patterns are not fully known.  There are issues with male aggression towards females, in particular it is not uncommon for males to kill females they have been housed with for periods of time.  This aggression normally occurs at night when they are most active and caretakers may not be present to intervene.  This has obvious consequences on breeding Clouded Leopards.

The National Zoo’s research facility in Front Royal, Virginia has made incredible strides and this year they have announced that they will be creating a new Clouded Leopard Science Facility.  Front Royal is located in the northwestern corner of Virginia and is about 70 miles west of Washington, D.C.

Just to name a few of the features that the Clouded Leopard Science Facility has incorporated to facilitate success in conservation and to raise the level of comfort for the Clouded Leopards, the facility has increased the height in both indoor and outdoor enclosures and constructed individual buildings for Clouded Leopard pairs to limit possible disturbances.

To learn more about this interesting species, visit our informative page on Clouded Leopards.


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