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Artists who focus on wildlife play a special role in conservation because they catch the interest of those who might not necessarily be directly interested in wildlife or maybe haven’t even thought about conservation issues.  This is important because it is another way for people to become interested in the issues that wild cats face, such as poaching, habitat encroachment, etc.  Cathy Hockey and Nick Mackman are two such artists, using very different mediums to bring awareness through their work.

Cathy Hockey is an artist based out of Falmouth, UK.  She is focused on children’s book illustrations and animation.  Her interests are apparent in her work.  Hockey’s Bornean Wildlife set is modern, concise (almost simplistic) yet rich with detail. While most wildlife art is captured in a traditional style, Hockey makes her art relevant.  The Bornean Wildlife set features both the Bornean Bay Cat and the Sunda Clouded Leopard.  Hockey’s work is perfect to capture the attention of young conservationists in the making.

Nick Mackman is another amazing artist based out of the UK, who has won numerous awards and whose work can be seen at several galleries.  Mackman is an artist with a conservation background. Her interest in wildlife began when she worked as a rhino keeper at the Chester Zoo.   Mackman uses an interesting process to create her realistic, detailed work.  Through a process working with T Material (which is porcelain with molochite), she then uses paper pulp added to clay creating paper clay. Mackman finishes with a Raku firing giving her pieces a smoking appearance.  Her work includes Cheetahs, Pumas and an absolutely incredible Caracal sculpture.

Hockey and Mackman’s work is important to conservation because it brings awareness through unique mediums.  Do you know of artists whose work includes wild cats?


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