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Call to Action: Fishing Cats Need Your Support!!

The Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a wild cat endemic to Asia.  It is larger than a domestic cat.  As the name suggests, Fishing Cats love water and will readily dive into streams to catch water prey.  Their hind webbed feet and strong rudder like tails help them navigate through the water.  Fishing Cats are threatened due to wetland destruction.

The Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project was established in 2003 in Thailand.  This project has four focus points;  1.regional review of distribution and conservation status, 2. detailed study of cats in natural habitat, 3. live capture and test for emerging zoonotic diseases (zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans) and 4. education and research.

There were 15 cats that were part of the project but currently, there are only 7 cats that are still alive. Unfortunately, there appears to be continuing signs of Fishing Cat persecution in the area.

The Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project has provided invaluable research that is detrimental to the continued existence of Fishing Cats.  So, what can you do to help?  Sometimes, it is hard to see what we can do to help a species that lives in a different part of the world.  Of course, donations always help field research projects which can provide funding for additional camera traps or radio collars.  Or  you can do a simple recycling drive?   “Cans for Cats”, anyone!?!  Are you an artist?  You can donate a percentage (no matter how small) to this good cause.

Unfortunately, Fishing Cat conservation programs do not have the visibility and support that larger cats conservation programs have but hopefully, people don’t learn about this animal before it is too late and the only ones you can see are in zoos or in books…


One response to “Call to Action: Fishing Cats Need Your Support!!

  1. jmuhj May 28, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    Don’t get out much, so can’t do “CANS 4 CATS” very well, but can sure do TWEETS 4 cats! C’mon, everybody!

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