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Mountain Lion Tracking & Research Experience

May 21-23, 2010
Ladder Ranch, NM

We have just learned  that non-wildlife professionals interested in wildlife will have an opportunity to learn more about mountain lions, as well as likely observing many other wild animals at the Ladder Ranch in New Mexico. This vast ranch is located near Hillsboro, New Mexico and encompasses more than 250,000 acres of scenic wild lands, home to a diversity of plants and animals, including hundreds of bird species and thriving populations of mountain lions, elk, deer, antelope, and bison.

During the upcoming Cougar Field Workshop, participants will learn to identify mountain lion sign, tracks, and prey cache sites while engaging in on the ground mountain lion research. Research activities will include radio-tracking collared mountain lions, collecting and recording data on prey caches, and downloading data from a remote camera array.

Participants will also have the opportunity to hear lectures on mountain lion behavior, their role in the ecosystem, and their interaction with humans, from noted author and wildlife biologist Harley Shaw and ecologist and professor Travis Perry.

Accommodation and gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided at the rustic lodge. The adventure will include moderate hiking in summer temperatures. It is coming up soon so if you are interested you need to act fast!

Please note that the field trip is limited to 12 people (minimum of 6). Cost/Registration: $1500 per person, and 20% of the proceeds directly support the cougar research.

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